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*Falles is the name of this Valencian festival.

In addition, it is the name of the associations that join the festival and of the monuments that they present each year and will be burned on March 19.

Faller/Fallera is the person who belongs to a Falla.

Casal is the place/house where the Falla (association) enjoys the party.

Faller artist is the person who creates the monuments of the Falles.


Fights belong

to life and human beings

and we won’t move forward

if peace is not secured.


Past cultures

and pointless fights,

there are no wars won

nor do we know

who the enemy is.


Too many wars

going on in the world

as we refuse to learn

from the recent past

which marked us for so long.


The Spartan fighter

gazes at us in sorrow

despite being so quiet

he knows the struggle and the war.



Stealthily like a cougar

the battle can begin,

yet we prefer peace,

life and laughter, indeed.

With the shield we’ll protect

everything that matters to us

since we really want

less conflicts and more fun.


Flinting is the sculptor

looking at us in surprise,

as we have left a world

no one can understand.


Politicians and disputes

every new elections they appear

and the citizen bearing

new taxes, blows and tricks.


When things go wrong

no one takes the blame,

yet success is always shared

and very few complain.


There are no superheroes left

because that is a big duty

and so we find it more attractive

what a modern life can bring.

Fast food rules

in this crazy world

Oh dear, a paella

is the choice for experts only.


Even the great geniuses

refuse to be warriors

and accept any job

just for a living.


We live on the phone,

series and platforms

when what actually matters is

to enjoy people.


A chat, a coffee,

old mates and new friends

these are what we must make

to be better and nicer.




It is really old-fashioned

fighting for fighting

and also nonsense:

was is a nightmare.


What a battle life can be

and paying premium for oil,

if we were a little bit freer

everything would rock.

Moving forward with culture

and new generations to come

is a fair bet

for a united future.


We, the Valencian people,

turn battle into festival

fireworks become a spark

and we affirm our land.


Past cultures

well passed down they are.

When there’s a will, there’s a way

and no one will defeat us.


We may change trends

While the Earth goes round and round,

yet flowers will not bloom

thanks to the AI.


Let’s lay down arms and shields

and face the world

break down barriers and walls

for  dignified years to come.




Author: José V. Sala

Translation to English: Gemma Fullana