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*Falles is the name of this Valencian festival.

In addition, it is the name of the associations that join the festival and of the monuments that they present each year and will be burned on March 19.

Faller/Fallera is the person who belongs to a Falla.

Casal is the place/house where the Falla (association) enjoys the party.

Faller artist is the person who creates the monuments of the Falles.


With pandemics, recession, unemployment,

the world turns and everything follows

and no matter how big the challenge

we will definitely recover.


With the sound of the lyre and the sea

the sailor is reunited

and will always find a lighthouse

that leads him to the right path.


Like a port, our lives

are a fleet of ships

and if you suffer from sadness,

be brave and come forth.


The eternal fire


As a metaphor of life,

the falles we will continue

even if work is

a brave thing.


We put out the fire with a hose

which has the strength of March

and beats like a heart

which knows its way around.


We put out fires

like a firefighting hero

and our criteria is

the strength of the winner.


And in our heads, remains the skeleton

of a dream that lasts a year

and so, little by little,

the party does not close with a key.


Workers of the falles world

Without artists there are no falles,

it is already well known,

it must be repeated many times

because there are stubborn people.


The artist is like a castaway

and always with difficulties,

a hymn to life

and creativity is made.


We need more reinforcement

for working people

like the fallers artists

who are the seeds of the flame.


A year of effort that culminates

with a job well done,

this is the life of an artist

and always with enthusiasm and excitement.


They get on our backs

We are a flock that graze

with our heads looking down

and there can be no fight

to devastate the defeat.


Electricity prices are skyrocketing

and gas is a luxury

and if you want to go by car

carry it on your shoulder first.

Food and clothing,

all in the name of inflation,

our money is not even enough

for a little bit of illusion anymore.


They only reduce salaries

and we cannot allow this.

What a world drowning in panic

if now we keep quiet and obey.


Pure nature

It must be the human spirit,

because it is misunderstood

how we neglet the environment

if life depends on it.


Our dirty sea

with our very own waste

we have to follow the correct path

because there are consequences.


Caring for the environment is the future

and the legacy we will leave,

we can always breathe fresh air

if we work hard, we can.


Climate change is here,

the seasons do not add up anymore

and the time is now

if we want a stable planet.


Struggles of all times

Like whaling
is the life of humans
and we lack any conscience
to be able to improve.


Fight for everything and everyone,

politics and a little civility,

we will have to find a place

where someone always loves us.


When elections come,

the struggles and the promises

are our downfall

and they stay with pure hands.


We will have to forget the waves

and always find a way

to be better people

and may our fates improve.


Possible monsters

Like mythological animals

we get lost in the game

and we lack magical elements

to undertake the escape.


The world seems like the apocalypse

with wars and cruelties

and we are going to go to more uneasiness

if we deny reality.


Let's fight together and justice

will be in our hand

because fictional life

makes no sense.


We love people

and life will win,

because good things

define humanity.




Author: José V. Sala

Translation to English: Gemma Fullana