There is a great truth

that living is already taboo.


We can talk or shut up

but there are a lot of secrets.


Politics and sex,

ideology and faith,

they are all like the pieces

of the puzzle that the people are.


Like a cactus, in life,

love pricks and hurts,

if we don't know how to do it in its proper measure

we already have a sexual taboo.


Our society

hides death very well

and things will not go well

if we don't face everything.


Death closes the door on us

and end is inevitable,

that with dark music

takes us on the last journey.


Let's sing if we all know

we will have the same end

and we'll get somewhere

where maybe the dance begins.


Dear Mexico


Mexico sings and drinks to death

every year when it is November

and it is a very good tradition

for hearts that are not weak.


With tequila and good food,

pains pass faster

and it's a common sense thing

to love the basics.


A rancher makes us happy

and we dance to the end,

that life is not just sorrow

and what matters is love.


Imperfect couples


It is a very terrible taboo

when two people love each other

and for all who watch

there is someone uglier and they criticize it.


The taste of each person

is not transferable or law,

everyone loves one thing

and loving is always a right.


Desire is subjective

like so many things

and there is no other goal

than to be free all and sundry.


When no is no


A voice, the voice of the world,

must shout loud and clear,

there can be no possession

if we talk about love.


Violence is a drama

and we will make a fairer world

if all our work

is the struggle always together.


There is no right to such death

and women and men can

end a nightmare

so unfair and so bad.


Real and firm equality

is already a matter of the present

and lost is who believes

that being a man gives rights.


Not one more woman, let's unite hearts,

that every second matters

and it is everyone's job

make of good union, strength.


Fiction Politics


Politics is not art

nor a job forever

and they are badly accustomed

those who rule and govern.


They don't even face anything anymore

and a tweet is the solution

because it's a coward who's hiding

behind a computer.


Falsehood and posturing,

politicians with cell phones

and whether handsome or ugly

people are full of clichés.


They hug children and the elderly

when the elections come

and afterwards they are all well closed

they forget about all the people.


We don't want selfies nor stories,

only that they govern well

and if the power is of the people,

we already know what they have to do.


As governments pass,

people work and live badly,

while all the money

is hidden in the nest.

The freedom of love

It is a taboo unfortunately

sexual diversity

although each one commands

from the waist down.


With very old ideas

they attack people

and when the laws advance

some of them come out of the caves.


Loving is one thing

universal and deep,

blooms as the rose blooms

free and wishing for rain.


Let them live in peace

some nefarious politicians,

that we don't know if they in bed

taste vegetables or chicken.


Let's finish once and for all

with this sexual taboo,

that it is always love that rules

and long live freedom.


Goodbye, corrupt


With the toilet chain

many hide corruption

and it is one of the great plagues

affecting our world.


It is the task of the politician

respect that money

which belong to all and is public

and make improvements with it.


If the vocation is not good

they should grab the door and enough

to steal without shame

from people who don’t even have salary.


No matter the ideology

because money belongs to everyone

and in front of filth

we must fight without fear.


It is a taboo and an evil

when power is corrupt

and they break well-being

with his hidden arts.


We demand and we’ll be strong

in front of so much injustice,

that if the strength is of us all

the dirt will run out.

Beauty and the Beast

Stories many times

are not as we have been told

and the laughter turns

into the desire of crying.

Beauty is inside,

something we all know

and it would be a better world

if we love each other a little more.

We don’t have to be a prince, a princess,

to find a beautiful love,

people are equal

and we add life all together.


Author: José V. Sala

Translation to English: Gemma Fullana

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