If the present is strange already,

what will we know about the future?

Our little falla this year

gives us an answer gladly.

From other planets

they come to know

how are our parties

and how the fallers we are.

Fallas are special

and who lives them, repeats

and when March arrives

they always come back happy.


The robots fallers

may can be the future,

at the Party they all fit

and we will always live it with pleasure.


With a band of octopuses,

Fallas are more complete

and these are very encouraging

to boys and girls.


In 1,000 years time, the ‘plantà’

will be something different

and the artist will do it

from afar with remote control.

People will visit Fallas

with flying skates

and when the fireworks explode

they will enjoy them from a good place.


Many things can change

but the Party will be

one of the most beautiful treasures

that we Valencians have.


A boy looks at the moon

in order to see the future

and maybe one day he could be

a very intelligent man.

Dreaming of the future is good

and with desire and a lot of encourage,

the future will be everyone's

if we take care of our planet.


With the time machine,

we can know that Fallas,

those of the past and the present,

fill us all.

The future will be festive

because young people want it too

that Fallas may be

the Party of all and sundry.

Past time is lost

and with new generations,

the future will be better

and that benefits everyone.


Now it's a thing of the past

but Laika, the puppy,

will always be important

for humans and science.

A tribute deserves

Laika and her sacrifice

and all together we recognize

her work so hard.


Past and present

can make the future

kinder and more open

if we love our life.


With the wisdom received,

the new generations

will continue the fight

to make a better world,


Fallas will be eternal

and important reference

of these beautiful lands

that Valencians walk on.



Author: José V. Sala

Translation to English: Gemma Fullana

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