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*Falles is the name of this Valencian festival.

In addition, it is the name of the associations that join the festival and of the monuments that they present each year and will be burned on March 19.

Faller/Fallera is the person who belongs to a Falla.

Casal is the place/house where the Falla (association) enjoys the party.


Lunch time is a battle

in every single home,

parents can’t stop shouting

and no one pays the call.


After having paid the dues,

it’s time to get meals ready

so the kids can grow up fine

To be strong and daring.


Everyone orders à la carte

and help can be menacing,

please, run for your lives!

Yelling and fighting rules in!


The child eating spaghetti

bless him is messed-up!

everything is a chaos

sheer nonsense all that.


The girl enjoying jellies

does not feel like lunch

surprised they gazed at her

yet she’s not really sure.


The little one just stole the dog

food he’s been waiting for long

and forgets about the bottle

as he wants to eat it all.


Veggies don’t float the boat

as seen in their faces,

children aren’t aware

varied is so healthy.


We all look forward a meal

and everyday is a drama

those delays in serving

when a big family gather.


Not even magic

can solve the matter,

as we should count up

all the members in the household.


Keep calm and carry on

if things are organized,

everyone will have their course

and so parents will sough.


And as the saying goes

and we all have sung along

when calling for meal or bed 

be always the first.


Let’s have lunch and feed our souls

there’s always tomorrow

and we can change matters

with will and good humour




Author: José V. Sala

Translation to English: Gemma Fullana