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*Falles is the name of this Valencian festival.

In addition, it is the name of the associations that join the festival and of the monuments that they present each year and will be burned on March 19.

Faller/Fallera is the person who belongs to a Falla.

Casal is the place/house where the Falla (association) enjoys the party.


Fear can be fun

and here we have proved it,

because our falla

really makes us laugh.


At the party of fear

boys and girls

join the first

and do not remain still.


Smiling is very healthy

and the fallers know it

and it is our life

make people enjoy.

The werewolf is in Paris

with full moon

and the Eiffel Tower

on the river shows its reflection.


Like a perpetual Halloween,

skulls, pumpkins

and lots of fun

for every person who passes by. 

With trick and treating we know

how to throw a good party

and wait for a gift

if our performance is well done.

Dracula and his castle

always hide surprises

and vampires can be a

great inspiration for some costumes.


Vampires can fly

and they always love the night,

because they will party more

and without even a shout.

Frankenstein is happy

and finally knows the falles,

he will now be good

and will love the laughs.

Yeti has left the snow

to find spring

and loves the beach more

than the mountain which is so cold.


Mummies and ghosts

will make a street parade

to live falles

and will always be the first.


And everyone likes the party

because the sadness is forgotten

and living is no longer scary

following some new rules.


Fireworks and noise,

music and firecrackers

make our people happy

and love fallers


Bogeyman hides

surprises and animation
so that the whole falla

knows the fun.


Even the Mussa Moor

is faller and knows too

that here everyone who wants

has the doors open.


Our falla is open

and fear is no longer scary

for those who love the party

this is the best place.


No monster will make them cry

because they are already fallers

and they live in our Casal

where they are treated very well.


At the party of fear,

you are all invited

because there is no other better place

for happiness.



Author: José V. Sala

Translation to English: Gemma Fullana